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Frank Edem Adofoli

It is very true we live in a world where lots of men don’t respect women and largely because mothers are not teaching their sons how to respect women. If you are a lady out there and a guy who does not respect women approaches you, the best you can do is to respect yourself by avoiding him. Don’t disrespect yourself by letting down your guard for a guy to disrespect you then you come out to cry foul.

We live in a smart world but it is sad to know there are lots of dumb people around. It hurts to tell the truth but there are no other words to use than to say lots of ladies today are not smart at all but dumb.

If these ladies will be smart, they will realize that pregnancy is choice not an obligation. A smart lady knows having unprotected sex with someone can lead to pregnancy. So before you agree to go to bed with someone, the question you ask yourself is, do I want to get pregnant?

If you don’t want to, you have choices, it’s either you abstain, get protection or go for family planning. If you forget to do all these, there are emergency contraceptives that one can take within 72 hours after you’ve had sex.

There are a variety of condoms to choose from, from the smooth rides to rough. With different flavours and pricing and it is just a pharmacy away from you. In our modern world, there are condoms for even females and not just men.

There are lots of family planning methods around. You are not married but want to plan your babies or have control over child birth. You have a lot to choose from, the pill, the injection, implant, etc.

If you are ignorant enough to escape all these available option and decided to have unprotect sex, it only means you want to have baby. If the supposed man you had sex with, does not want the baby but you do, live with that decision. Go on and keep quiet.

Unless you had an agenda to trap guys with pregnancy. That is an old fashion way of getting a man to marry you. That formula is no more working. It is not a smart formula.

You don’t need a university education to know unprotected sex leads to pregnancy. If a lady in the university, college or high school will leave school because she was pregnancy, it means the lady values making babies more important than her education; such a lady should not blame any man for her woes.

Every smart young woman understands she needs to put her education, finances before her emotions. She understands that the thing called love can leave you unfocused, distracted and broke when you are not fully ready.

A smart woman is an independent woman and never gets attracted to just the riches, fame or popularity of men. She works hard to become rich herself.

The dumb woman is the one who gets half naked, turns her backside to the camera, gets a hundred likes and reactions on social media, measures her worth by that, and forget that even decayed stuff attract houseflies, even car wrecks draw crowds. It does not mean there is anything worth smelling or seeing.

The dumb men out there, just because a girl is friendly with you does not mean you should take her to bed, it does not mean she is interested in you. It does not mean she wants a relationship. Don’t bite what you can’t chew. That might be someone’s only food. Stop damaging others’ future wives.

In conclusion “Therefore submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you” – James 4:7 (MEV).

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