90% of Ghanaian musicians are hyped; they have no money – Rex Omar

Entertainment of Monday, 14 May 2018

Source: ghbase.com


Rex Omar

Ghanaians are of the view that our music industry is kind of lucrative business taking into consideration that luxurious social lifestyle of Ghanaian artistes. However, Rex Omar has stated categorically that 90% of Ghanaian artistes have no money.

The crooner of ‘Abiba’ song, Rex Omar in an interview with Cape 93.3 FM hosted by Emcee Bebe asserted that, the current crop of musicians are just hyped to look good in the eyes of the public but in reality they have no money.

The veteran musician told Emcee Bebe on Cape FM’s Entertainment Xtra” show that he’ll never allow his children to do music for a living in Ghana as creative arts in this country doesn’t pay. As a result, he advised musicians especially the up and coming ones not to rely solely on the proceeds they make from their music but venture into other business activities to keep them going.

“Once you are an up and coming, be sure you don’t throw your education away. Try to be sure that as you’re pursuing your music career, you do something that will put food on your table. Until you start earning a serious income from music, do something to support yourself. For it’s very dangerous today here in Ghana for a young person to start and say pursing music as a full time job”, Rex Omar cautioned.

Rex Omari Sarfo famously known as Rex Omar is currently the chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Association (GHAMRO) whose duty is to make sure musicians benefits from their works.

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