Local movies is not dead – Kumawood’s Cecilia

Movies of Monday, 14 May 2018

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Cecilia Gyase konamah

There have been recent comments by actors and actresses of the slow pace of the movie industry in Ghana. Some blamed the slow pace to the influx of ‘ telenovela’s’ in the system as other people are of the view that the dwindling nature of Ghana movies is down to the poor quality of production.

Although many industry players and movie lovers are of the opinion that the local movie industry popularly known as Kumawood is dying or dead and doubts its revival.

However, Kumawood actress Cecilia Gyase konamah popularly known as Abena Ghana is of a different view.

According to her, the fact that the industry has gone down doesn’t mean it’s dead. Kumawood was sustaining the movie industry since the English movie sector popularly known as ‘Ghallywood’ was struggling but in recent times Kumawood has been affected by the ‘struggling sydrome’.

There used to be times when kumawood movies were produced on a daily basis but it’s the opposite in recent times. Its facing lots of challenges which has led to actors and producers to venture into different sectors.

Some actors have dieverted into journalism with some hosting programs on TV and radio.

According to Abena Ghana, we can’t conclude that Kumawood is dead. There are times when businesses go down at a point in time but that does not mean the business is dead or dying .

“Indian movies were on top some years back but the fact that they’re not vibrant in time but that does not suggest Bollywood is dead” she said this in a recent interview.

According to her , there has recently been increase in purchase of kumawood movies and it is good now for the industry.

Cecilia who has starred in movies like Supremo, Waist Beads, Why Marry, Nyame Mmere, Over, Fake London Boy, Teacher Kojo, War of Roses etc.

Cecilia last week was awarded by the UN Economic and Social Council and African Canadian Cooperation for her contribution towards sustainable development in Ghana.

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