Enough is enough; we’ll beat politicians in 2020 – Bia Chiefs warn

The Chiefs and people of Bia District in the Western Region have sent a signal to politicians across the political divide, warning them not to dare step on the soils of the area to campaign for votes, especially, in the general elections in 2020.

To them, they have had enough of the lies of politicians who have over the years come to them and solicited for their votes to enable them to steer the affairs of the area and the country at large.

What is even more worrying, they noted, is the fact that none of the numerous promises and assurances politicians and successive governments made to them, has been redeemed.

This situation, they noted, has virtually brought the entire district to a standstill, with some of the existing structures already deteriorating, making their area one of the poorest in the country.

A local online news portal, primenews, reported the chiefs as saying that they will order their boys to beat any politician who will come to them to campaign for votes in the 2020 general elections if their developmental needs are not addressed.

The Secretary of the Concern Youth of the area, Joseph Ackaah, said the traditional council of the area is solidly behind them should the politicians fail to wake up from their slumber.

He said electricity and poor road network are their major headache.

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