Revealed: Why Lilwin is very successful in Kumawood

Renowned Ghanaian musician and actor, Kwadwo Nkansah known in the showbiz as ‘Lilwin’ has revealed the secrets the secrets to his success in the Ghanaian movie industry.

In an interview with Pope Skinny on Adom FM’s ‘Kasahari Level’ on Saturday, the ‘ladder’ hit maker mentioned God as the one behind his fame.

The second reason, he said, was hard work was also part of the reasons as according to him, fame does not come over night.

According to him, anyone who aspires to reach the level of his cemented success in the industry must have ultimate respect for anyone irrespective of their roles, wealth, character or behavior.

As a celebrity, Lilwin claims one of the core values is to respect your fans and treat them with respect.

He professed his love for donating to orphanage homes and to widows who have no source of income to feed themselves and family.

These profound gestures, he claimed will uplift anyone’s career above horizons if carefully followed in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

“I thank God for the opportunity. It’s not easy to be where I am. It doesn’t occur frequently. It’s with grace that God game me fame. If one gets fame and don’t control it purposefully, it will serve no good….”

“You can’t suffer for years and use one day to corrupt it. You have to respect everyone in the industry to make it to the level I am. To be successful you have to thank your fans. If your fans don’t buy airtime to download your songs what will happen. Donate to the widows, orphans among others, that is how God will raise you to the highest level in your career…” he said.

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